Intellectual Property (IP)

We are committed to protecting your innovations and creative assets. As a leading intellectual property law firm in Poland, we understand the importance of protecting your ideas.

Our services cover the full spectrum of intellectual property protection. Whether you are a start-up, an established business or an individual creator, we tailor our expertise to meet your needs.


Patent Protection in Poland

Patent protection in Poland is at the core of our offer. Our experienced attorneys guide you through the intricacies of patent law. We will make sure that your inventions are protected from unauthorized use. Our lawyers conduct patent searches, filing applications and can navigate you through the complexities of patent prosecution. We are your partners in protecting your technological advancements.


Trademarks in Poland

In the area of trademarks in Poland, we can help you develop a strategy for the protection of your brand identity. Our services include trademark searches, registration, and enforcement. We ensure that your brand stays distinct and visible in the market.


Copyright Protection in Poland

For creators and innovators in the digital space we offer copyright protection. We will make sure that your original works are protected. We provide backup from software and content creators to artists and authors. You can use our tailored legal solutions to preserve the integrity of your creative endeavors.

Our team also specializes in trade secret protection in Poland. We advise on best practices to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information critical to your business success.


As your trusted intellectual property law firm in Poland, we go beyond legal protection. We provide strategic advice on licensing agreements, negotiations, and dispute resolution. All of this just to ensure that your intellectual property portfolio is not only secure, but adds significant value to your business.

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